Lombok is one of Asia’s fresh destination according to agoda.com

Agoda.com, one of Asia’s leading hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group, has released its fourth annual Asia’s Fresh Destinations list, marking some of Asia’s hottest emerging travel stops. To finalize the selections on the fourth iteration of its yearly list, Agoda.com’s editorial team studied complex booking patterns, read customer reviews, and worked closely with its hotel teams on the ground. Importantly, the Fresh Destinations list is not a ranking of the most popular or highest rated destinations, nor is it a summary of the least known or seldom visited. Rather, it is a list of places that saw a boom in travelers, attracted a large amount of expert travelers (i.e. those who travel frequently to new destinations), and where genuine, unfiltered travel experiences are easy to find despite the rising popularity of the destination.

Where is it? Bali’s neighboring island to the east.

What is it? Part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Lombok is just as beautiful as Bali, but without the high tourist numbers. Yet.

How to go? The new airport brings people in on domestic and international routes, and there are plentiful ferries that buzz to and from towns and islands nearby.

Where to sleep? Head to the Sudamala Suites & Villa Senggigi for a rejuvenating stay with great views and a fantastic spa, or check out the Trawangan Resort on Gili Trawangan Island, equidistant from isolated beaches and buzzing markets.

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