Showcasing bamboo on Lombok | Property Report | Luxury real estate, architecture and design

The Indonesian island of Lombok is set to host the “Lombok International Bamboo Architecture Festival”, organized by the Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) and Budi Pradono Architects, from December 11-14.

The festival will display 50 architectural installations with bamboo as the primary material and the installations will comprise work by 50 groups from different countries chosen by a team of curators.

“The Festival’s theme of ‘Re-Design the World with Bamboo’ is aimed at developing the creative economy on Lombok Island through architectural designs which utilize and promote the value of local materials while maintaining a sustainable environment,” said Rahman Wibisono, Chief of the Association of Indonesian Architects, adding that the event, initiated by IAI NTB, should set the standard for the development of the creative economy and will accommodate architects in exploring and presenting regionally-driven architectural works.

Dr. H. Zaini Arony, M.Pd., Head of Lombok Barat District, said that Lombok Barat, as host, is particularly interested in this event since it will provide a value addition to the economy and lend further attraction to the region which has set a target of two million tourists by 2015.

“This event will further acknowledge Lombok Barat District as the centre of NTB tourism by promoting the appreciation of bamboo and utilising indigenous knowledge, without having to neglect preservation of the environment,” he said. “The development of the design-based creative economy is going to offer a significant contribution to the people of Lombok, and tourism in Indonesia.”

Yuwono Imanto, Marketing Director of Propan Raya, a well known Indonesian paint company, will also support the event by launching quality product Bambookote, an environmentally friendly water-based paint specially formulated as the base layer (adhesion promoter) on the surface of bamboo bark. This product was created in response to demand from bamboo lovers, providing additional value and protection for bamboo elements, in both interior and exterior applications.

“As one of 15 creative industries that will be administered by the government, the architecture sub-sector is part of the creative economy based on Media, Design, and Science & Technology (MDI).” said Harry Waluyo, Director General of Design, Science & Technology, Desain & IPTEK, Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. “Temporary figures in 2012 show that the contribution of the architecture sub-sector to the creative industry is 4.2 percent and worth Rp.19.9 trillion (US$1.8 billion).”

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is supporting the event and inviting all stakeholders in the tourism and creative economy sector, including the government, state-owned enterprises, and national privates to participate in ensuring this event’s success.

via Showcasing bamboo on Lombok | Property Report | Luxury real estate, architecture and design.

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